“An entertaining book about what goes on behind the scenes in competitive ballroom dance”  
-- BackStage.Com (NYC)


"An incredible story of what it takes to make it in our world of glitz and glamour.  It makes me relive all of the emotions that I felt while competing.  Through reading this book, people will see dancers in a new light."
--Elena Grinenko, World & National Champion


"...a gripping and emotional read.  Bravo!"
--Dance Track Magazine


"A fantastic book from ballet to ballroom and theater arts. It should be made into a movie. I couldn't stop reading. A gripping personal story of dedication and courage. A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the thrilling world of competition dancing. Well done Sharon!"
--Allen Darnell, Author 'Ballroom World Dance Book'


"A great story, told with emotion."
--John Kimmins, founder, National Dance Council of America


" 'Ballroom!' is a deeply moving tribute to the intoxicating allure of the dance sport world. Throughout her career, Sharon Savoy has not only expressed on the dance floor what is too deep for words, but now, in this book, she also uses the power of the written word to capture the essence of a dancer’s soul. She shares her artistic journey with great humility, reverence, honesty and candour. Sharon’s book gets to the heart of the artist’s dedication to her craft, reminding all those who are passionate about competitive dance that, despite its continually conjured larger-than-life mystique, substance and character trump glamour and illusion when one is a serious devotee to the muse. She articulates the subtle nuances of the dancer’s spirit ever- thirsting for the ephemeral kiss of grace. Every dancer would benefit from having this book within easy reach for much needed balm!"
Pollyanna Blanco, Pro-Am dancer and competitor


" 'Ballroom!' captured the competitive experience so completely, but even more important, your personal voice was so strong and clear.  I loved your descriptions of Blackpool and your subsequent challenges, both personal and professional.  I have read many books on ballroom and dance in general, most recently 'Glamour Addiction' and 'Apollo's Angels', but yours was one of the best.  I look forward to the sequel."
--Elizabeth Colledge, Silver Level Dancer


Seldom in life does a friend, and in this case ‘a true friend’, break down and write his or her life story with so much heart, sincerity, and well - Outright Humanism! How our professional and private lives crossed... well, you will have to read the book. It is all there in no uncertain terms.
The author, Sharon Savoy, so deliberately and yet so delicately, demolishes the artificial walls all successful artists on stage construct around themselves; call it an insurance policy to assure the survival of the fittest – mostly all are unaware that they are doing so! The lifelong struggle to succeed, regardless if you dance, sing, skate or aspire to be an Olympic athlete; … it does not matter, … the end result is always the same! Some of us finally get there, some don’t and then it is a constant struggle to remain on top of your game if you do! The often ruthless and self centered lives of ALL performers; (which you will ALL recognize by the way), is a blissful journey of shear passion and desire to be a true artist of recognition and substance!
It is … OUR JOURNEY … uncontrollably fueled by the gypsy blood pumping through all our veins! We can all write our names almost in every paragraph of this real life experience! It is an extraordinary True to Life ‘Gypsy Tale’… with the exception that it is so real because it is. It is her life story… and what a story she has to tell! Sharon is an amazing artist!
A word of caution:
Readers Beware! Be prepared to face those demons we all accumulated along the way! … Sharon will make you face them head on and you will be glad you finally can! Guys and Gals! This book is a must read for every one of my friends who ever set foot on stage! That includes all performers as well as Directors, Choreographers and Producers. There are several reality checks in here for ALL OF US. The more successful you were in your career, the more reason to read this!
Brava Sharon Savoy! BRAVA! The book is BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing I could not put it down. It is the best Birthday gift ever! Had no idea what she meant when she said ...your Birthday gift was in the mail! Thanks Sharon. Luv ya always my friend and very, very ...VERY proud of you!

--Pieter Grove


"The book offers an enlightening inside view of the politics, biases, stresses, and strategies that characterize the competitive ballroom dance scene. One of the competitors most responsible for introducing a more acrobatic style into the exhibition category of ballroom dance competitions, Savoy provides a brief history of exhibition-style dancing and its place within the larger context of ballroom dance.
      A showier, more theatrical form of dance, featuring lots of spectacular lifts and risky aerial tricks, exhibition dancing requires greater athletic ability than the more socially oriented ballroom dances. However, it is, in Savoy's words, "the stepchild or illegitimate offspring of ballroom dancing" and the only category that has historically allowed non-English competitors to win its titles at the famous Blackpool championships, the Wimbledon of ballroom dance. Savoy gives evocative stylistic descriptions of the different competitive ballroom dances and explains how fiercely the English, and their traditions and attitudes, have dominated ballroom dancing over the years. Between 1931 and 2000, the only time the winner of the Blackpool ballroom title (in the standard division, the most prestigious category) went to someone other than a couple representing England was in 1954, when there was a tie between England and Australia.
      Initially an aspiring ballet dancer, who studied at the School of American Ballet, where her talent for lifts was recognized by George Balanchine, Savoy weaves her presentation of factual information into her personal story, which involves issues relevant to any professional dancer. Terps of all stripes will relate to Savoy's struggles with partners, costumes, the development of choreographic ideas, musical choices, performance mishaps, and the extreme discipline required of professionals in all forms of dance."

--Lisa Jo Sagolia,

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